If negotiations are unsuccessful, our lawyers begin with litigation. Our lawyers walk the clients through the court process and aim to simplify legal matters. We have relationships with industry leading experts in different fields from financial, architectural to medical to assist us in delivering results.

Fine Art Litigation

Serious art collectors and galleries often purchase insurance products for their art pieces which will cover theft, fire and damage. When the adjuster on the phone states they can no longer …

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Contract Disputes

When business relationships sour, contract disputes or lack of a properly drafted contract can put you at risk and make matters very complicated and expensive to fix. It is always best to es…

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Small Claims

There are benefits in using provincial court to pursue your claim. Compare the advantages and disadvantages here.

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Product Liabilities - Protection from bad products

If you or a loved one have been injured by a product that you purchased call us today so we can help you understand your rights as a consumer.

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Section B Protection Under Your Auto Insurance Policy

Adjusters must deal with insured parties with good faith. All too often, clients feel they have been wronged under their own insurance policy and need outside help to understand what their r…

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