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A Boutique Litigation Firm

Maynes & Radovici Lawyers represent everyday people who have complicated issues in our legal system. We never represent insurance companies, large corporations or at-fault drivers in motor vehicle accidents. We represent the "little guy".

Litigation can be a daunting and stressful process. Our aim is to maximize our clients’ compensation, but also make the path to justice as understandable and convenient as possible.

Maynes & Radovici Lawyers are problem solvers who address multi-layered problems and navigate our clients through the claims process. Our firm is made up of creative, knowledgeable, hard working lawyers who are compassionate and driven to succeed.  Our legal system can be complex and stressful to deal with. Let our lawyers represent you every step of the way.

Our lawyers take matters to trial each year. We are skilled and efficient in conducting strategic and tactical preparations that can make or break a case. In today’s competitive market, clients expect top quality service at an affordable price. Our firm strives to be a leader by providing excellent customer service.



Maynes & Radovici Lawyers are proud to state that we are one of the first law firms in Western Canada to offer BICO LEGAL COSTS PROTECTION INSURANCE on all our litigation files. Our firm is a progressive litigation firm which aims to level the playing field against powerful corporations and everyday Canadians. Litigation is an expensive process. Firms will pick and chose which client to represent on a contingency fee based on risk. If the risk is too high, the firm is less likely to accept you as a client. 

Times have now changed and large powerful corporations will realize that BICO LEGAL COSTS PROTECTION INSURANCE levels the playing field for the average Canadian and allows them to pursue justice to the highest levels. Our firm will take you there.                            


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