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In today's commercial world, consumer products are assembled, made, designed and labeled in different parts of the world. It's not uncommon to have a Canadian franchise of an American company making products shipped in from a manufacturer from China. Was it the label on the product or the design of the product itself? Will you sue the company in Canada or is the company a small county of rural China? You may be able to sue the store that sold you the product and is therefore within your local jurisdiction. Issues like these arise in consumer product disputes and here at Maynes & Radovici lawyers we aim to give you a clear understanding as to how we can pursue your specific case. 

This type of litigation does more than seek to compensate the victim, it also raises the standard as to what products are released to the public and sold in stores. If the vendors and manufacturers of defective products are not pursued, they have little incentive to ensure product safety. 

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