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Michael is a partner of our firm. His practice focuses on plaintiff personal injury law. Michael has a wide breadth of experience including a wide range of criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory litigation – as well as select civil litigation. Michael enjoys working on “underdog” cases; and especially on unique consumer protection, technology and consumer rights related issues.

Michael has represented clients located in British Columbia, Washington, Nevada, Nova Scotia, South America the Philippines and Thailand. 

Areas of legal interest:

  • Personal Injury
  • Consumer Protection / Product Liability
  • Fine Art Litigation
  • Criminal Defense
  • Medical Malpractice

5 Recent Cases 2021-2020 ( abbreviated for privacy) 

  1. A.P. v. A.F. - $265,000.00 - hand injury, MVA, wage loss 

  2. M.P v. B.S -  $420,000.00 - Head Injury , PTSD, MVA

  3. T.D v J. H - Alberta Court of Queen's Bench  - Head Injury, fractured Ribs, Eye Injury, Loss of Work Capacity $250,000.00    

  4. L.K v B.K  - Alberta Court of Queen's Bench - MVA, Head Injury, fracture bone -$430,000.00    

  5. D.S v R.B - Queen's Bench - Passenger - MVA, head injury, fractured clavicle , wage loss , costs of care $250,000.00  

  6. F.P v JRB -Queen's Bench - MVA - knee injury, neck pain, loss of employment $120,000.00 

  7. A.R v S.F  - Queen's Bench -Passenger - MVA , fractured leg, complicated medical history $85,000.00 

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