The Edmonton law courts are located downtown at 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB T5J 0R2. For many litigation claims, the clients will rarely set foot in those courts due to alternative dispute resolutions and negotiations. If the issue is unresolved, then the courts are used for direction and orders.


In Alberta, small claims courts deal with matters on an expedited basis. The fees are less than Queen’s Bench as well. This is Provincial Court of Alberta, Civil Division.  Provincial Court has some significant differences from the Court of Queen’s Bench in both procedure and benefits. The money limit for provincial court is $50,000.

There are different reasons for choosing the Provincial Court over the Court of Queen’s Bench, or vice versa. Below are a few factors our lawyers will discuss with you when you consider pursuing a claim.

a) Jurisdiction - whether the particular court has jurisdiction, or not;
b) Filing fees;
c) Cost consequences;
d) The procedure and expense; and
e) Representation - lawyer, agent, or self.

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