Sometimes accidents are caused by road hazards, including animals, rough roads, gravel, bumpy edges, slick surfaces, standing water, debris, snow, ice, or objects that have fallen from a construction site or another vehicle.

In some cases, no one is at fault for the accident, for example natural causes, such as wild animals crossing the highway, too much snow, or black ice. However, in other cases, someone is at fault for causing the road hazard. Failures or negligence by government, construction companies and even negligent design may be responsible for an accident or contributing to the cause of an accident. For example an improperly secured cargo, may be a compensable negligent act, as well as, improper or inadequate warning signs for known hazards on the road.

It is always a good idea to consult a lawyer when you are not certain if there is a party who is at fault for your accident. Our lawyers will meet with you and give you the advice you need to know what your rights are. Call us today and we can answer these types of questions at no charge to you.

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