Maynes & Radovici Lawyers 

Our boutique litigation law firm consists of a team of trial lawyers who selectively choose between a wide range of criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory litigation – as well as select civil litigation –  and often aim to level the playing field between large powerful corporations and everyday Canadians.

Whether it be an insurance company and an injured party or the government and a criminally accused, our goal is to make sure our clients get a fair result. Our team has a strong sense of social justice and are at the forefront for social change in our society.

Personal Injury Law

Our top notch personal injury team works with injured parties every step of the way. Whether it be a complex consumer product related matter or your a WAD II at your local intersection, our goal simply is to understand your damages and to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Litigation services

Our litigation team also has experience dealing with complex disputes involving commercial litigation and construction litigation. Our team is passionate in pursing large settlements for parties who were wronged. If you feel you have an issue which needs to be addressed, contact our firm today for a free consultation. Let"s start the process to recovery and financial compensation. 



Maynes & Radovici Lawyers is a progressive law firm who utilizes the latest technological and tools to advance claims for our clients. This is why we felt to insure all our personal injury files with BICO LEGAL COSTS PROTECTION INSURANCE which takes the risk out of a trial.

Litigation is an expensive process and often plaintiff personal injury firms take on a "David and Goliath" scenario where the plaintiff personal injury firm is taking on a large corporation with vasts amount of resources. We feel BICO LEGAL COSTS PROTECTION INSURANCE levels the playing field for our clients and provides them the leverage they need to get the damages they deserve.  This policy allows us to take on files that other firms may turn away and allows our lawyers to push the envelope when it comes to litigation and compensation.  

This is the future of litigation and Maynes & Radovici Lawyers and BICO is leading the way. 





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