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Also known as Tetraplegia, is a medical condition where paralysis is caused by injury to the spinal cord.The most common causes of spinal cord injury are a broken neck or back causing damage to the bones of the spine and nerves of the spinal cord inside the spinal column. This is known as ‘traumatic’ injury. Traumatic spinal cord injury may be caused by:  accidents, domestic and work-related accidents, sports injuries, assault or complications following spinal surgery.

Treatment begins with the emergency medical personnel who make an initial evaluation and immobilise the patient for transport. Immediate medical care within the first 8 hours following injury is critical to recovery. Nowadays there is much greater knowledge about moving and handling of spinal injury patients. Incorrect techniques used at this stage could worsen the injuries considerably.

When injury occurs and for a period of time thereafter, the spinal cord responds by swelling. Treatment starts with steroid drugs; these can be administered at the scene by an air ambulance Doctor or trained paramedic. These drugs reduce inflammation in the injured area and are crucial to help prevent further damage and nerve death.

Each patient's injury is unique. Some patients require surgery to stabilise the spine, correct a gross misalignment, or to remove tissue causing cord or nerve compression. Spinal stabilisation often helps prevent further damage.  Some patients may be placed in traction and the spine allowed to heal naturally.  The course of post injury treatment that follows is also unique to each patient.

There are different types of equipment that can help people with Quadriplegia remain independent or make it easier for others to support them. Adaptations to the home are also required. What may be useful for one person at a particular stage may not be appropriate for another. These modifications are very expensive.

If you or a loved one has suffered quadriplegia and you believe it was caused or aggravated by the negligence of someone else, please call our office today. Our Injury lawyers understand this complicated injury and will use a multifaceted team of medical experts to assist in the recovery process.

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