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One of the most serious injuries someone can suffer involves the brain. A sudden impact to the brain can cause anything from mild traumatic brain injury or "TBI", such as mild head injury and concussion, or a serious closed head injury involving bleeding of the brain and fractured skull.

These injuries are usually caused by mechanical energy applied to the head, such as from sudden acceleration, deceleration or rotational forces or blunt force trauma. "T-bone" collisions at high speeds where drivers and passengers hit their heads on the pillars of the vehicle or strike their face against a steering wheel often result in some form of brain injury.

The symptoms people experience from these injuries may be obvious or very subtle. They can consist of physical, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive signs, and always require the use of a medical expert. Our firm works with leading experts in the fields of concussions, and head injuries to help our clients recover and understand the effect it may have on their lives.  

Experiencing a head injury can have a dramatic impact on one’s life. It can cause serious financial hardship as well. Our team of injury lawyers aims to compensate the injured party and direct them to the medical help they need now and in the future. Call us today and get a free consultation and a personalized approached. Our team will help you understand the process of pursuing a claim,you Section B benefits and how our firm quantifies a claim. Our lawyers take the stress out of the matter by explaining every step of the way. 

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