Fibromyalgia Injury Lawyer

Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disease that affects women more than men. Clients diagnosed with fibromyalgia may experience fatigue, muscle tenderness, cognitive issues and depression, although not every client will experience the same symptoms.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia can be similar to other musculoskeletal disorders such as tendinitis and arthritis, which often include sore or inflamed muscles and joints. Physical exams and a blood test called FM/a are used to help diagnose the disorder. The FM/a blood test checks for immune antibodies that are sometimes produced in patients with fibromyalgia.

During a physical exam, a physician looks for tender points on the patient's body, also known as trigger points. Trigger points are located in the shoulders, the hips, the back of the head and the elbows. If a patient responds positively to 11 of the 18 trigger points set forth by experts the patient is diagnosed with fibromyalgia by her physical examiner.

Because each patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia may present with different symptoms, the treatment for fibromyalgia is not a one-fits-all plan. Some patients find benefit from anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Other patients find relief through exercise, massage, acupuncture and herbal supplements.

If you or a loved one is suffering from Fibromyalgia and you believe it was caused or aggravated by the negligence of someone else, please call our office today. Our injury lawyers understand this complicated injury and will use a multifaceted team of medical experts to assist in the recovery process.

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