Some of the most dangerous motor vehicle accidents occur while riding a motorcycle. Every year motorcyclists sustain injuries that are usually severe and sometimes fatal. Even very experienced riders are susceptible, all it takes is one carless driver to change your life forever.

A common accident which occurs in Alberta is when a motorcyclist is proceeding with a green light through an intersection and a careless negligent driver attempts to make an unsafe left turn in the path ahead. The result is a collision at high speeds resulting in serious injuries and often the need for surgical intervention.

If you or a loved one has been injured while riding on a motorcycle, whether it be the driver or passenger, please contact our offices so we can begin to assist you in recouping the damages you deserve.

Our firm has access to the various experts from different disciplines which are needed to fully understand accidents. For example, an accident reconstructionist may be required to understand speed and reaction time of the braking motorcyclist. If injuries are suffered, an independent orthopedic surgeon will likely be required to examine the client and provide a detailed report explaining the injuries and the likelihood of recovery.

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