Eliza (Radovici) Maynes – Partner

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Eliza Maynes is a Partner at our firm. Eliza enjoys helping clients and seeing them get results they are happy with. Eliza has been given the opportunity of representing clients at all levels of court in Alberta. She is passionate about advocacy and justice. She also enjoys negotiation of disputes, and seeking a fair and just outcome for her clients, treating all clients fairly and with compassion. Eliza has also represented clients in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Australia.

Areas of legal interest:

  • Personal Injury
  • Litigation
  • Consumer Protection
  • Criminal Defence
  • Constitutional Law

6 Recent Settlements 2018-2019 (abbreviated for privacy) 

  • T.W v. J.H - Motor vehicle accident involving young male with multiple injuries. - $285,000.00

  • H.S & K.M v. K.C - Motor vehicle accident involving a married couple. - $177,000.00

  • G.M & K.M v. N.P - mother and daughter t-boned in motor vehicle accident. Liability was an issue. - $169,878.00

  • T.M v. R.K. - Motor Vehicle Accident involving injuries to neck and back. Wage loss issues - $100,000.00

  • K.E & V.E v. S.M et al -  Motor Vehicle accident with multiple injuries between mother and daughter. - $190,000.00


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